Joshua Warchol's Ruby on Rails Tips

This page will hopefully develop into a useful reference for Ruby on Rails users all over the internet. Right now it's just a list of links and some advice. If you have postfix questions you should join the rubyonrails-talk list (see the main Ruby on Rails website) or come and chat in #rubyonrails on

Guides and Documentation

Got "already initialized constant" errors when using the flickr library?
Isn't the flickr screencast nifty? Don't you wish you could follow along without getting "already initialzed constant" warnings? Well this guide suggests how to get around it.

Got "undefined method `size' for Float" errors when using AJAX?
It's probably because you passed a float to render :text => _____.

More pages to come...

Ruby on Rails Links

Ruby on Rails Homepage
This is the main Ruby on Rails website. There is more to this site than meets the eye. Look around and you'll find pages and pages of useful advice. Be sure to sign up for the rubyonrails-talk list.

The Rails Way
Jamis Buck and Michael Koziarski blog at The Rails Way with advice about how to write your app the right way, the Rails way. Besides tips and tricks, this blog also refactors projects submitted by authors.

Working on Rails
Terrific site, in Rails of course, where developers can find and connect with other develoeprs. If you find my page useful, give me a recommendation on WoR please.

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